Beech Bluff Trail

Beech Bluff Trail

Beech Bluff Trail (1.3 miles)

  • Surface: Natural
  • Traffic: Hiking Only

Beech Bluff Trail meanders through natural open space near the confluence of Brush Creek and Lake Higgins. Built by volunteers in 2000, the trail follows a hillside bluff through stands of beech trees, overlooking a wetland ecosystem that provides habitat to a variety of amphibian, reptile, mammal and migratory bird species. Various wildflowers are found along the trail. The trail and surrounding wetlands are favorite sites for outdoor enthusiasts from all over the Piedmont.

How do I get there?

The Beech Bluff Trailhead is located on Brass Eagle Loop, just off Fleming Road with parking available. The trail is also accessible from Lewiston Road by way of a gravel service road, just south of the bridge. The service road is closed to public vehicles, so park along Lewiston Road and use the gravel service road.

Please Note:

Bicycles, horses and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are prohibited on Beech Bluff Trail. Please use caution as the trail dips into the woods behind the utility building. Any illegal or suspicious activities on the trail should be reported to the Trails Division at 336-373-3816. The Watershed Trails are open daily from sunrise to sunset.

Map: Greensboro Watershed Trails System (PDF)

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