Grindstone Trail

Grindstone Trail

Location: Across the road from the Park Office or Summit Parking Lot

Description: A moderately sloped trail that hikes through the woods to the summit. Parking for this trail is available at the park office. Trail will start across the road from the park office and is to the right. Trail continues up through the woods to a rock building where you will then cross the main park road and hike out past the campground. Trail continues between campsites 16 & 17 where it hikes up the mountain through the woods to the summit. Trail parallels with the Ledge Spring Trail the last ¼ mile. Please use caution: follow trail past picnic area to the first junction. Trail is to the right. Vegetation on this trail changes slightly with elevation.

Point of Interest: Climb from the base to the summit of Pilot Mountain

3.00 miles


Blue Dots

Surface: Natural surface

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