Ledge Springs Trail

Ledge Springs Trail

Location: Below Summit Picnic Area or below Little Pinnacle at Jomeokee Trail

Description: This is a challenging trail with rocks and varying slope. It travels along the foot of the cliffs and ledges to the west of the Little Pinnacle. The ledge springs is just a trickle of water, but the trail below the cliffs are beautiful. It is easier to begin below the picnic area and to end below Little Pinnacle at the Jomeokee Trail.

The trail descends through the picnic area following the edge of the cliffs, providing many opportunities to view the NC Piedmont from the rock outcroppings. The trail takes a hairpin turn left at the junction with the Grindstone Trail. Be careful to stay on the Ledge Springs Trail to follow the loop back to the Big Pinnacle. The trail becomes more rugged in this section as it follows over and around the boulders at the base of the cliffs.

Point of Interest: Cliffs and ledges

2.00 miles


Yellow Dots

Surface: Natural surface

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