Peninsula Trail

Peninsula Trail

Peninsula Trail (1.2 miles)

  • Surface: Natural
  • Traffic: Hiking Only

The Peninsula Trail takes a winding route along a peninsula that juts out into the backwaters of Lake Townsend. The trail offers hikers a pleasant vista along the shores of the western portion of the lake. Spectacular views of fall foliage across Lake Townsend make this trail very popular during the autumn months. Sponsored by the Sierra Club, the Peninsula Trail is one of six watershed trails designated as part of the North Carolina Mountains-to-Sea Trail.

How do I get there?

The Peninsula Trail starts on the east side of Church Street (across the road from the Laurel Bluff Trail). Parking is available at the Laurel Bluff Trailhead and roadside parking is available at the southern trailhead on North Church Street. Please use caution.

Please Note:

Bicycles are prohibited on the Peninsula Trail. The Watershed Trails are open year-round from sunrise to sunset.

Map: Greensboro Watershed Trails System (PDF)

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