Reedy Fork Trail

Reedy Fork Trail

Reedy Fork Trail (3.5 miles)

  • Surface: Natural
  • Traffic: Hiking & Biking

The Reedy Fork Trail parallels the Reedy Fork Creek that flows into back waters of Lake Townsend. You will find signs of deer, raccoon, and beaver on this heavily-wooded trail, making it an excellent pick for a moderate hike or a scenic bike ride.

This trail is described as a semi-technical mountain bike ride by the trail sponsor, Greensboro Fat Tire Society, and offers some bumpy sections, snaking through the woods along with those “ups and downs” that mountain bikers crave.

How do I get there?

The Reedy Fork Trail starts on the eastern side of Lake Brandt Road, approximately 1/3 mile north of the Lake Brandt Marina (just north of the spillway). There is a small gravel parking lot at the trailhead on Lake Brandt Road. The trail travels eastward along the Reedy Fork Creek, ending near the intersection of Plainfield Road and North Church Street.

Please Note:

Reedy Fork Trail is designed for the enjoyment of mountain biking enthusiasts and hikers. Cyclists are asked to yield trail right-of-way to pedestrians. Cyclists are asked to avoid riding after rainfall when the trails are muddy.

Map: Greensboro Watershed Trails System (PDF)

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