Wild Turkey Trail

Wild Turkey Trail (4.46 miles)

  • Surface: Natural
  • Traffic: Hiking & Biking
  • Amenities: Marina Access

Meet Greensboro’s newest Hiking & Biking trail, the Wild Turkey, brought to you by volunteers from the Fat Tire Society. This trail is the perfect backdrop for your next scenic hike or adventurous mountain bike ride whether you’re experienced or a beginner! At just under five miles, this trail features a tight single track, moguls, sweeping burms, log pyramids, bridges of varying sizes, woop-dee-doos, some small climbs and a big rock jump. This trail connects with two other watershed trails, Owl’s Roost and Reedy Fork, for more continuous rides. Put all three together, and you have a great long distance ride!

How Do I Get There?

The Wild Turkey Trail is accessible at the Lake Brandt Marina. Trail parking is available at the marina next to the large trailhead sign. The marina is closed on Tuesdays, but parking is available on the right side of the gate with the trail access on the left. Access to the trail is also available at the intersection with the Lake Brandt Greenway and the Nat Greene Trail, just south of the H. Michael Weaver Bridge.

Please Note:

Lake Brandt Marina is closed on Tuesdays. Please use the trail access outside the gate. This trail is linear and will double the distance on a trip out and back. Any illegal or suspicious activities on the trail should be reported to the Trails Division at 336-373-3816. The Watershed Trails are open year-round from sunrise to sunset.

Map: Greensboro Watershed Trails System (PDF)

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